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Peregrine Fury Forgets His Pajamas [word count: 182]

Dear Peregrine,

You have left behind your pajamas once again. I’m forwarding them by post to your London address, and I hope that they reach you by the time you embark. Please note that the left trouser cuff is growing somewhat frayed – you must be sure to have this attended to before you leave for your voyage. Unless the Navy has been gravely mis-characterized, I do not imagine there will be many pairs of silk pajamas to hand at sea.

I have also included an extra flask of spirits for your tinctures, and a packet of marzipan for you. (Clean your teeth, dearest! Recall that you have only the one set, and it must last you for decades more. Even Mr. Inderwick cannot make brass teeth, although I have heard that he has tried. He is to be congratulated on his efforts, though, as I am sure it would be a great boon to older ladies and gentlemen should he succeed.)

I have enclosed a drawing that Heloise made for you. Do not lose it.

Yours as ever,

Aphasia T. Rosewood.
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